Concepts Art Show

Berkeley’s Concepts Art Show began in 1985 as an end-of-year show and event created by our only visual arts faculty member for Middle and Upper Divisions at the time, Anna Arcuri, and one of her students, Perrie Wexler ’85.  Since then, having grown to seven faculty members in the visual arts, the Concepts Art Show has become a beloved and highly anticipated annual Berkeley event and art party to celebrate the magic that happens in our visual arts studios throughout the year. Because we could not be together in person for the 35th Annual Concepts Art Show in 2020, we decided it was time to create a virtual version of our annual exhibit. 

We are very excited to virtually share the 35th Annual Concepts Art Show with you! When you are finished looking through the gallery, please don’t forget to vote for Best in Show and Teachers’ Choice!

3D Virtual Art Gallery

We did something very special for the Class of 2020.

For all of our graduating students, we created a 3D Virtual Gallery, which emulates a typical art gallery display using 3D rendering technology.


Our 3D Virtual Art Gallery is optimized for a desktop experience.

Once you enter the 3D Art Gallery, use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the group of letters A, S, D, W to navigate/move around the virtual gallery. To turn and alter your view, use the mouse. There is a hover option over images where the Class of 2020 Students provided more information about their artwork. When you are ready to leave the gallery, click the escape button on your keyboard or exit button on the top right of the screen.

Enjoy your time in the Class of 2020 Art Gallery!

Explore the Artwork